Protect, restore, recover – securing your most precious asset, your data

Every two years, we create more data than in all of history combined. This incredible volume of information has so much value for businesses. Understanding not only how to use this data, but also how to protect it is essential if you want to ensure you get the most out of this abundance of data. This is where building a good foundation, topped by the right security and Disaster Recovery plan is crucial.

Building from the ground up

The first step for any organisation is to analyse their current IT environment. By looking at what works and what doesn’t, you can find a solution that is the right fit for everything else to spring from. The appropriate infrastructure and storage solutions will enable your staff to do their best work, without disruption.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Nimble is one example of cloud ready storage that will quickly and affordably house data for analysing, thanks to its automated storage management and support through a hybrid IT solution. With significantly better performance and capacity to the dollar and the ability to scale-to-fit, Nimble provides a neat storage package.

Securing your organisation

Once you have a good foundation, the next step is ensuring it is always safe. Whether it’s a cybercriminal or an accident within the organisation, security is crucial to ensure your data is safe. HPE InfoSight is an Artificial Intelligence that that watches over your infrastructure to predict and prevent problems. Offering proactive, automated support, the solution works well in conjunction with Nimble to ensure security from before you even have a problem!

Recovery at the right price

Keeping your data safe must be accompanied by recovery when disaster does strike. Holistic protection is important as it ensures workload availability and resiliency and allows IT staff to focus on innovating rather than just “keeping the lights on” so they are more efficient and productive. Bottom line – increased ROI.

Veeam works alongside data storage and infrastructure solutions to enable complete data availability, offer restore options for all scenarios and provide recovery of data when needed, making it a popular choice for today’s businesses. Loss of data because you didn’t have an efficient DR strategy or tools in place can be devastating, a good DR plan can mean the difference between

Ensuring your data is safe takes a multilayered approach. A good foundation with the right security solutions ensures your organisation is protected and your data is appropriately stored and utilised. If you want to find out how to make it happen, talk to us at mcrIT to see how we bring responsive, reliable and effective IT services for businesses like you.