Unleashing the Potential of Chat GPT: Tips, Tricks and Potential Risks

Chat GPT has revolutionised the way we interact with artificial intelligence (AI) language models. It offers a remarkable capability to generate human-like responses, making it an invaluable tool. In this blog post, we will explore essential tips, tricks, and advice for using Chat GPT effectively while being mindful of the potential risks.

Tips and Tricks

Craft Clear and Specific Prompts:
To obtain accurate and relevant responses from Chat GPT, provide clear and specific prompts. Clearly communicate the context, desired outcome, and any additional information that might be necessary. This enhances the model’s understanding and improves the quality of responses.

Experiment and Refine:
Chat GPT may not always provide optimal responses in the initial attempts. Experiment with different prompts, rephrase questions, and iterate to refine the results. Continuously tweaking and adjusting your input will help train the model to better align with your needs.

Verify Information from External Sources:
While Chat GPT is a valuable resource for generating insights, it’s essential to verify information from reliable external sources. The model’s responses are based on patterns learned from training data and may not always be accurate or up to date. Fact-check critical information before relying on it.

Understand and Communicate AI Limitations:
Chat GPT lacks true understanding and consciousness. It operates based on patterns and examples from training data, making it susceptible to misinterpretation. Communicate this limitation to users and set appropriate expectations to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Monitor and Moderate:
If integrating Chat GPT into public-facing applications or platforms, implement robust monitoring and moderation systems. While AI can assist in content moderation, human oversight is crucial. Regularly review and intervene if the model generates biased, offensive, or inappropriate responses.

Check your tone:
Remember that while Chat GPT strives to be helpful, it is a machine learning model and does not have feelings or emotions. The platform may use vocabulary that does not align with the author’s style. Before submitting a prompt, read it over to check for any potential misunderstandings or unintended tone. When asking questions or seeking help, provide relevant context so that Chat GPT can tailor its responses accordingly.

Be mindful of the risks:
On June 21 2023, Comparitech (1), a pro-consumer website cited Zscaler, noting that “AI tools like ChatGPT could create fake login pages with minimal coding expertise or input from the user…[or] create polymorphic malware or other malicious code”.

While the author suggested that it could detect phishing links due to a false-positive rate, “it [is] effectively useless” today.

The net conclusion is that ChatGPT is a positive for scammers, not consumers.

When asked if they are tracking their users, the AI Tools will answer ‘No’, however their business models are built on advertising and tracking consumer behaviours.

After clearing cache, website data and apps, one user found the following after a simple search:

It’s true that some of these are standard for just landing on their pages, but it should be noted that all this data is shared within the platform.

If the platform were compromised, vast amounts of user behaviour and tracking data would be available to be harvested. In addition, this user data could be sold to data buyers, who would be easier to penetrate than Google or Microsoft.

The verdict is not in on whether AI and Chat engines like Chat GPT and Bard are an immediate risk to the consumer, but hacker groups are the most innovative IT protagonists out there today, and have most likely already found a way to exploit them. (2)

  1. Referenced source: Sam Cook Top Phishing Statistics and Facts for 2019–2023 (comparitech.com) #6 ChatGPT is a huge advantage for scammers
  2. At the time of publication, there are no known exploits for users on browsers utilizing these engines from legitimate platforms. However, as suggested in the article, the greatest threat lies in clone or copycat sites.

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