mcrIT’s Core Values

We are a growing team of friendly professionals who endeavour to make our work environment as productive and harmonious as possible. In order to do this, we’ve put together the mcrIT Core Values. These values provide a guideline for the behaviours and skills we value in our employees. We hire and promote people who consistently display these values.

Customer focus
We work together with the common goal of serving the customer. We see what is best for the client first, for mcrIT second, and for ourselves third. We provide a seamless customer experience throughout all mcrIT touch points. We are nimble, consistent, flexible, and willing to think outside of the box to find a solution.

Passion is the internal motivator that keeps us learning about the newest technologies. Passion encourages us to evolve, and keeps our standards held high. We perform our roles with purpose, pride, and a positive attitude. mcrIT invests in passionate people with training and mentoring opportunities.

We support each other and help out when needed. We are reliable and we follow through when we say we will do something. We encourage and value open, timely communication. We share information, take pride in our company, and provide recognition for our successes. We own up to our mistakes, and we work together to strive for our goals.

We are intelligent people. We add value to our customers and colleagues. We are articulate. We think outside the box. Inefficiency bothers us. We do not follow processes for the sake of it. We think about better ways we can do things. We take on risks. We differentiate ourselves, our solutions, and our company. We are business minded. We solve problems.

As professionals, we strive for excellence. We are prepared, we value punctuality, and we speak with integrity, honesty, and respect. We check our work, and do not let any sub-par work leave our desks. We have impeccable spelling and grammar. We are good at what we do. Our colleagues and customers can rely on us. We are positive. We stay work focused, ensuring we deliver on promised outcomes.

We work with determination and perseverance towards our long term goals. We make sure we find the best solution. We are always willing to take an extra step to overcome our challenges. We question our actions when they are inconsistent with the company’s values.