Project Description

Health Services Union

The Health Services Union (HSU) is a professional services organisation who diligently represent their membership of around 31,000 health care professionals. The Union’s goal is to ensure their members are provided with a safe workplace and are remunerated fairly for their hard work.

The key outcomes HSU were looking for were transparent, regulated and reliable IT Services, provided with high SLA’s that could be monitored and managed. With aging and under resourced equipment impacting on the business’s activity, the organisation wanted as close to a fully outsourced environment as they could afford.

Service delivery was and is the key for HSU – services must be available 24/7 for their disparate and large member base.

  • The mcrIT Managed Cloud team used our “cloud readiness” process, in combination with our Project Management methodology to identify the actual processes the technology needed to support. We then worked with the key HSU stakeholders to bring the right IT services through the right pathways for them to consume in the most efficient fashion.
  • With the IT environment needing a complete overhaul, the mcrIT Managed Cloud transition processes really sped up the time it took to identify, build, configure and deliver the right services. This was done in a way the organisation could accept, with better outcomes, and while meeting higher SLA’s than were delivered previously.
  • The ROI was achieved in the 5th month of the service – costs for support across the business were reduced by 50%, Capex went from a six figure expected sum to zero, and three new services were made available to their members that were expected to take 12 to 18 months to deliver – a key metric for the HSU is member retention rate and that was improved by 10% over that first five months.
  • IT services moving to a consistent, capable and current state with extra capability planned for in a predictable and deliverable way has been a boon for the HSU. The certainty the contractual arrangement provides gives the organisation a platform for creative thinking by the HSU team on high value services, that can be delivered to their members in new and beneficial ways.