Project Description

International Security Services Organisation

Starting in 2007, this corporate is one of the largest employers of security guards in the country. With 11 major operational centres across the land, this organisations focus is on meeting some of the strictest and most comprehensive SLA’s of any sector to their various government (state and federal) customers. With oversight from their customers and their global head office being constant, meeting management and reporting SLA’s is absolutely critical to their ability to operate in their chosen markets , and to even stay in business.

Business challenge
With ever increasing regulatory requirements, governance systems becoming more complex and multiple stakeholder supervision being increasingly intrusive, this enterprise had to have Business Continuity Planning at the core of their thinking. while central to their ongoing viability, they had neither the capability nor the capacity to build and deliver the right BCP option with their existing resource mix. A BCP requirement was
imposed upon the customer by a specific government organisation with very little warning, in response to an incident that the mcrIT customer did not cause in any way.

Solution: Business Continuity Program as a Service (BCPaaS)
mcrIT managed cloud brought in knowledgeable people from the other business units of mcrIT and built the framework for the customer to be able to access the mcrIT managed cloud Business Continuity service. The customer can, in less than an hour, “stand up” their complete management environment, from core communication, surveillance and reporting, and security response functions, with the capacity to have secure facilities deployed for 10 users to be able to continue operations in the event of a total loss of access to an operational centre.

ROI: Immediate. Without the credible, capable and tested BCP functionality the mcrIT managed cloud was at the core of delivering to the customer, they would have had to stop delivering services within 30 days. The penalties for breaching the new SLA’s were double digit percentages of the total contract value PER DAY of breach. the mcrIT managed cloud team is embedded within project planning for this organisation in the (South Pacific) region whenever they bid for similar services .