Cybersecurity Origins: Where did cyber-attacks start?

Traditional cyber attacks came from bored kids with computer skills. Tools like antivirus software, firewalls and similar items blocked or limited these threats.

Today everything has changed. Commercially motivated professional hacker entities use sophisticated malware and other techniques to evade detection by cybersecurity assets like firewalls.  This allows them the ability to hone in on users, data and legacy infrastructure. The old notion of a castle-like perimeter to defend a network is now obsolete and is exploited by taking advantage of newly found vulnerabilities across the whole entity.

The Evolution of Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals have devised various methods to bypass perimeter protection and gain access to the network. These tactics include:

  • Email phishing: Users of all seniority within an organisation are tricked into opening emails containing malicious attachments or links that lead to compromised websites.
  • Trojan websites: Visiting websites with inadequate security measures can lead to users downloading infected assets with malware infections.
  • Infected assets: USB keys found in the office foyer, QR codes on flyers, posters or infected code spread on commercial software.  These can introduce malware onto devices, including mobiles or other IoT devices.

The Need for Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

In a post-COVID world, traditional network structures persist. Users who WFH are connected to unsecured services that directly communicate with their organisations assets.  This opens the door for malware that can circumvent your defences. Traditional security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software are no longer sufficient in today’s cyber threat landscape. Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are imperative to address the evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals.

Comprehensive cybersecurity needs automated real-time monitoring and rapid intervention capabilities.  This ensures that when an attack occurs – regardless of its origin – organisations are immediately alerted, the endpoint isolated and the threat is dealt with before it spreads.

Securing Your Clients’ Networks

If your organisation is relying on traditional cybersecurity measures, you face an increased risk of cyberattacks. Exploring comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that provide platform-delivered security management should be considered.

By proactively addressing cybersecurity and understanding your vulnerabilities, you can safeguard your networks and protect your valuable data from evolving cyber threats, keep your brand off the news cycle and ensure business continuity.

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