Project Description

Health Services Union

Managed Backup Service

“We had a recent incident where we needed to restore the data from a prior employee’s mailbox. The user had erased his inbox and so much time had passed that we believed the data was lost and could not be retrieved. However, the Veeam Backup system easily restored it to the live mailbox to the date we required.”  Jihad Saleh, Health Services Union

The Project: Deliver a comprehensive desktop support program to cover all employees.

The Health Services Union (HSU) is a professional, Not For Profit services organisation that protects the rights and entitlements of over 43,000 members working across the health, medical and community sector around Australia.

Committed to advancing every member’s welfare, HSU works tirelessly to ensure that wages are fair, workplace security is ensured, and the healthcare of employees is supported.

“We had a physical server that malfunctioned, resulting in a lot of mission-critical data and services becoming unavailable. However, thanks to Veeam and mcrIT, we were able to restore services and data back to a virtual environment and troubleshoot the issue in the background. Most people didn’t even realise there had been a problem.”  Jihad Saleh, Health Services Union”
Jihad Saleh, Health Services Union

The challenge
The HSU serves an important function for so many people who depend on them.
Their operations must be fully functional and well supported, to cater to the concerns of their large member base and take appropriate action in a timely way. In addition, HSU must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles which state that member data must be protected and retained securely.

HSU identified that their IT systems supporting the organisation were most likely inadequate. They had a single IT employee and were not sure if their current set up was serving them and their members effectively.

They decided they needed a reliable, local IT company that could implement the right technology and provide proper guidance in handling overall compliance of privacy matters, as well as ongoing support.

Finding the right solution
HSU began a tender process to search for the right organisation.

mcrIT first assessed HSU’s current set up and pitched a comprehensive package, including Microsoft Office 365 and a Veeam Managed Backup Solution.

mcrIT then worked together with key stakeholders of HSU to identify the right managed IT services necessary for daily operations.

The solution includes:
Microsoft Office 365, a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise platform that guaranteed HSU a flexible digital transformation, allowing for a smooth integration of processes and systems.
Veeam’s Managed Backup Solution, which offers protection and backup capabilities to all of HSU’s data to help organise their information, restore files and secure their compliance to all legal and privacy requirements.
Managed IT services, with access to our team of local IT Support Technicians on an ongoing basis.

Even when HSU’s IT environment was undergoing a complete revamp, mcrIT managed to build the new solution while keeping the Union’s IT functions running.

The Solution
With thousands of members HSU have an extremely high amount of data to secure and protect.

mcrIT’s Managed Back Solution provides total access, control, and protection of all Office 365 data to ensure HSU is compliant with Australian regulations and can secure and restore information efficiently.

mcrIT’s Managed Backup solution offered complete peace of mind by allowing HSU to store and retrieve its files, information and emails as needed. Employees and members all had a positive experience from the more streamlined processes and IT set up. Ongoing Managed Support means that HSU can always reach out to us if they ever need assistance.

With Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, HSU can now easily:

  1. Recover data loss due to accidental deletion, even when it is past the normal retention period set by Microsoft.
  2. Store data to comply with long-term retention policies.
  3. Prevent internal security threats.
  4. Guard data against external security threats.
  5. Retrieve emails, files, and users’ information for legal requirements.
  6. Manage hybrid email deployments and migrations to Office 365.