Project Description

ATS Building Products

Managed Services: Computer, Networking and Desktop Management

“We initially contracted mcrIT for 18 months, but we have extended our contract and extended our use of mcrIT Services. We are seeing improvements in our customer and employee experience and I no longer have to worry about my technology failing”

Haytham Moshi, CEO of ATS Building Products.

Wholesale and retail:
ATS is one of Australia’s largest importers and distributors of timber, engineered wood products and building products.

 Customer Challenge
With 5 locations across Australia, 2 international offices and continuously expanding, The key challenge was the frequent failure of one the core servers, which caused downtimes during critical business hours on a frequent basis. This meant a disconnect between branch offices and head-office for business critical services such as payment gateways and stock lists.

‘At one time, a damaged pipe in our area caused our entire network to crash and we couldn’t conduct business at all for 3 days. The loss of revenue was substantial.’ Says Haytham Moshi, CEO of ATS Building Products.

 The Project
mcrIT designed a private cloud solution within Equinix and migrated all on-premises server and storage infrastructure into a consumable architecture. Supporting this new infrastructure is a SD-WAN backbone designed by mcrIT to improve application delivery, improve Internet accessibility in regional areas and reduce WAN cost. A support desk solution for level 1/2/ 3 was implemented by mcrIT providing a consistent level of service across all locations.

‘mcrIT organised a site visit to Equinix in Sydney to demonstrate the secure facility that would house our data. They also packaged an offering for pay as we used, which has had a significant impact on our operating costs.’ Haytham says.

 mcrIT Solution

  • ​Level 1/2/3 Service Desk
  • SD-WAN Solution
  • Cloud migration to Equinix
  • Storage as a service

Client Benefit
Reduced Costs – converted CAPEX IT costs and incorporating a pay as you consume model

  • WAN optimisation – Reduced cost of WAN with a software defined methodology
  • Software-Defined Networking – leveraging 4G for critical applications when local DSL services fail
  • Secure Data Centre – Provided a secure environment for critical production servers